Case Discussion Forum

POEM Group conducts bimonthly Case Discussion Forums divided into Leukemia/Lymphoma and Solid Tumors. Experts from the different POEM Centers and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital attend these forums and give feedback and recommendation on management of presented cases. Forums are held online on Please find below the schedule of Case Discussions till end of June 2018.

Date Topic
18-Jul-17 Leukemia/Lymphoma
1-Aug-17 Solid Tumors
15-Aug-17 Leukemia/Lymphoma
29-Aug-17 Solid Tumors
12-Sep-17 Leukemia/Lymphoma
26-Sep-17 Solid Tumors
10-Oct-17 Leukemia/Lymphoma
24-Oct-17 Solid Tumors
7-Nov-17 Leukemia/Lymphoma
21-Nov-17 Solid Tumors
5-Dec-17 Leukemia/Lymphoma
19-Dec-17 Solid Tumors
2-Jan-18 Leukemia/Lymphoma
16-Jan-18 Solid Tumors
30-Jan-18 Leukemia/Lymphoma
13-Feb-18 Solid Tumors
27-Feb-18 Leukemia/Lymphoma
13-Mar-18 Solid Tumors
27-Mar-18 Leukemia/Lymphoma
10-Apr-18 Solid Tumors
24-Apr-18 Leukemia/Lymphoma
8-May-18 Solid Tumors
22-May-18 Leukemia/Lymphoma
5-Jun-18 Solid Tumors
19-Jun-18 Leukemia/Lymphoma


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